Welcome to the website of the Laboratory of Synthesis, Organic Reactivity and Catalysis managed by Pr. Pale.


October 3 2022 : Welcome to our new PhD student Pierre ! He will work with Aurélien on gold catalysis applied to the aromatic Cope rearrangement.

July 25 2022 : 7th edition of the Lasyroc seminar ! Full of in-depth discussions on chemistry or rather full of barbecue and relaxation 😉

June 22 2022 : Congrats Loïc for your great presentation about Experimental and theoretical analysis of noncovalent interactions in Tellurium-based compounds, at the ICNI-II congress (University of Strasbourg) !

June 16 2022 : Congratulations to the Lazy Choc for their second place in the inter-laboratory tournament of Strasbourg ! Huge thanks to the organization and to A. Fradet and R. Chassaing for joining our team !

May 19 2022 : Congratulations to Eliot Starck for your talk about Gold-(I)-Catalyzed Direct C-glycosylation at SECO59 at La Londes-les-Maures !

January 3 2022 : Time to get back to work ! All the LASYROC team wishes you an happy new year !

October 1 2021 : Welcome to our three new PhD students Andrés, Loïc and Robin ! They will work respectively on the development of semisynthetic aminoglycosides towards new antibiotics and antiviral agents, asymmetric catalysis induced by sigma hole and Chiral N-heterocyclic carbenes for Gold (I) asymmetric catalysis.

June 10 2021 : After two years of waiting, the 6th edition of the lab seminar in the Vosges is finally here !

June 4 2021 : Congratulations to Andrés and Robin, two of our Master students, who were awarded a PhD scholarship from the doctoral school of chemical science ! See you in October 😉

May 7 2021 : Congratulations Robin for your beautiful PhD defense ! We wish you all the best for your PostDoc at the Max Planck Institut in Mülheim.

February 24 2021 : The reconstruction of the burnt laboratory is finally complete ! It’s now time to clean and rehabilitate the lab !

December 11 2020 : Congratulations Hugo for your PhD defense !

December 9 2020 : Welcome Xiaohui, our last new PhD student of 2020 ! She will work with Stefan and Valérie on Metal Dopped Zeolite Catalysis.

November 21 2020 : Welcome to our new  PhD Student Mathieu ! He and Eliot will works together on Organo- & Metallo Catalysis towards C-(alkynyl)-Glycosides.

November 12 2020 : Congratulations Fabian for your oral communication at « Journée des doctorants en chimie 2020 ».

September 15 2020 : Welcome Eliot, our new PhD Student !

June 24 2020 : Good luck Chheng for your new position at the University of Strasbourg. We will miss you!

June 11 2020 : Congratulations Romain for the PhD award 2020 from the University of Strasbourg!!! « Elaboration d’hétérocycles complexes par ammoniumation catalysée à l’or(I)« 

March 5 2020 : Congratulations to Roms & Dédé for their publication in Organometallics. Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Activity of Chiral NHC Platinum(II) Pyridine Dihalide Complexes

February 14  2020 : The annual LaSyROC « Christmas » Raclette Party.

January 22 2020 : Congratulations to Nono, Healthy Cat & Valérie for their recent publication in Chem. Cat. Chem. Evans‐Chan‐Lam‐Type Azidation and One‐Pot CuAAC under CuI‐Zeolite Catalysis

January 06 2020 : Happy New Year 2020 and good luck Romain for your Postdoc at the University of Geneva.

December 24 2019 : LASYROC wish you a Merry Christmas & a happy New Year. See you next decade for new chemical adventures.

December 20 2019 : One week after the Friday 13th fire, the LASYROC reopens.

December 13 2019 : Today a fire has been declared in one of our laboratories. Fortunately, the fire was quickly controlled and only one laboratory was damaged without hurting anyone.

December 07 2019 : Congratulations to Robin Weiss for your article in Molecules. « Chiral Chalcogen Bond Donors Based on the 4,4′-Bipyridine Scaffold »

November 18 2019 : Congratulations to Robin Weiss for your talk about sigma-hole (and Kougelhopf) at Strasbourg-Hokkaido Symposium.


October 23 2019 : Congratulations to Sir Faith Sirindil, Stéphane Google & Raphael Lamare for your article in Organic Letters. « Synthesis of Indolizine and Pyrrolo[1,2-a]azepine Derivatives via a Gold(I)–Catalyzed 3-Step Cascade »

October 21 2019 : Good luck Fatih for your Postdoc at the University of London.

October 11 2019 : Congratulations Dr. Romain’os Pertschi for your PhD Defense.

2 July 2019 : Congratulations to the sultan Romain Pertschi for your article in Organic Letters. « Benzosultam Synthesis by Gold(I)-Catalyzed Ammonium Formation/Nucleophilic Substitution »

24 June 2019 : Congratulations to Fatih Sirindil for your article in Organic Letters. « Total Synthesis of Rhazinilam through Gold-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization-Sulfonyl Migration & Palladium-Catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling of Pyrrolyl Sulfonates »

20 February 2019 : LaSyROC « Christmas » Raclette Party.

18 January 2019 : Congratulations Dr. Fatih Sirindil for your PhD Defense.

23 November 2018 : Congratulations to Robin Weiss & Romain Pertschi for their oral communication at « Journée des doctorants en chimie 2018 ».

29 & 30 October 2018 : Congratulations to Robin Weiss & Aurélien Blanc for their oral communication at UMR 7177 Symposium.

24 September 2018 : Last day of Nobuhiro at the LaSyROC.

27-28 August 2018 : Congratulations to Fatih, Romain & Robin for their poster presentations at Barrandte-Vltava 2018.

30 August 2018 : Congratulations to Fatih Sirindil & Aurelien Blanc for their accepted manuscript in Tetrahedron

8-13 July 2018: Congratulations to Fatih Sirindil for your poster presentation at BOSS 2018.

26 June 2018 : Congratulations to Robin Weiss & Victor Mamane for their accepted manuscript in Journal of Chromatography A. « Enantioseparation of fluorinated 3-(aryl)thio-4,4′-bipyridines: insights into chalcogen and pi-hole bonds in high-performance liquid chromatograph »

15 June 2018 : Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity of NHC Gold(I) Polyoxometalate Complexes. Chem.Eur.J. Now Available Online.

12 June 2018 : Congratulations to Fatih Sirindil & Aurélien Blanc for their accepted manuscript in Chem. Eur. J.

5 June 2018 : The Lazy Rock Soccer team plays at Daniel Martina Soccer tournament

17 to 18 May 2018 : Lab seminar in the Vosges.

7 May 2018 : Regioselective Synthesis of Indene from 3-Aryl Propargylic gem-Dipivalates Catalyzed by N-Heterocyclic Carbene Gold(I) Complexes, Adv. Synth. Catal is now avaible online.

11 April 2018 : Currently preparing the next Lab seminar in the Vosges.

12 March 2018 : Welcome to Manon Pujol and Jean Ferraro in the LaSyROC for their Master 1 internship.

23 February 2018 : « Rosetta Mission: Organic Molecules Detected in Cometary Ices », Pr. Uwe MEIERHENRICH, in honor of Benezra-Kern, organized by Pr P.Pale and J-P.Lepoittevin.

13 February 2018 : LASYROC Christmas Party.

12 February 2018 : « De l’or à la fabrication de médicaments » at Jardin des Sciences by Dr Aurélien Blanc.

12 February 2018 : Welcome to Giovany Marie-Rose in the LaSyROC for his Master 2 internship.

31 January 2018 : Welcome to Emmanuel Valzer in the LaSyROC for his Master 2 internship.

22 January 2018 : Welcome to Arnaud Clerc in the LaSyROC for his Master 2 internship.

10 November 2017 : Congratulations to Fatih Sirindil for your Oral communication award at « Journée des doctorants en chimie 2017 ».

September 2017 : Welcome to Dr.Stefan Chassaing in the LaSyROC.