Welcome to the website of the Laboratory of Synthesis, Organic Reactivity and Catalysis managed by Pr. Pale.


11 April 2018 : Currently preparing the next Lab seminar in the Vosges.

12 March 2018 : Welcome to Manon Pujol and Jean Ferraro in the LaSyROC for their Master 1 internship.

23 February 2018 : « Rosetta Mission: Organic Molecules Detected in Cometary Ices », Pr. Uwe MEIERHENRICH,

in honor of Benezra-Kern, organized by Pr P.Pale and J-P.Lepoittevin.

13 February 2018 : LASYROC Christmas Party.

12 February 2018 : « De l’or à la fabrication de médicaments » at Jardin des Sciences by Dr Aurélien Blanc.

12 February 2018 : Welcome to Giovany Marie-Rose in the LaSyROC for his Master 2 internship.

31 January 2018 : Welcome to Emmanuel Valzer in the LaSyROC for his Master 2 internship.

22 January 2018 : Welcome to Arnaud Clerc in the LaSyROC for his Master 2 internship.

10 November 2017 : Congratulation Fatih Sirindil for your Oral communication award at « Journée des doctorants en chimie 2017 ».

September 2017 : Welcome to Dr.Stefan Chassaing in the LaSyROC.



Currently, internships for Licence 2 & 3 are available (contact: jweibel[a]unistra.fr).


Currently, a work placement for Master 1 & 2 students in organic chemistry for next year (2018-2019) (contact: ablanc[a]unistra.fr and Pr. Patrick Pale ppale[a]unistra.fr) .


Post-doc, PhD and another work placement are regularly offered in the laboratory. For more information, please contact Pr. Patrick Pale (ppale[a]unistra.fr).